Printers are really necessary for us if we work in office and even if we own an office. We really need them every day for copying or printing documents, files, and other important things. There are many printers nowadays giving you lots of similar features that can be beneficial for you. There are small printers used for houses and then there are medium printers that use for small shops or offices. Then there are these laser printers that usually used in the bigger offices for official work. Ink tank printers also can be used in office for more affordable options. As in bigger offices, they use printers more for copying many things and printing many things so the laser printers give you the surety of getting cheaper use.

The laser printers can really be a good thing if you use them where they should be. There are many companies that are giving new features in their printers and making them better and better every day. Which is getting harder to choose from, while this gives you more options to look around. It also comes with a disadvantage of new companies selling low quality and bad printers with the same features that work for a few months max. People don’t really notice these small things as they get attracted by the price that the new company gives. So we will tell you some of the best laser office printers that you should consider if you are looking for a printer to buy for your office.

HP Laserjet M1005 multifunction

The best printer of HP brand for your office use is the laserjet printer. The printer is really great durable and will make your office life a little easier too. The printer comes with dual benefits of scanning and printing with the copy machine too so you can use it for printing and also for your photocopying any documents and file. We all know how much we need a copy machine no matter if it’s your office some school, or your house there will always be a need for the photocopy machine. So with this machine, you can have that easily, and it will also print your business cards and stuff. The printer is great for handling any page document up to A4 size which size is the most commonly used document size for any office work files and documents.

With the processing speed of 230MHz the printer provides you with high resolution of 1200 dpi. So no matter what you need to print for your office presentation you can use this and get better print results. The printer is compatible with almost every window devices and easy to use and connect. It’s saves power and work on low power mode too and the speed that it will give you per minute is 14 pages per minute means you can easily print anything fast.

Samsung SCX-3401 Multifunction laser printer

The Samsung laser printer is a more stylish and good looking printer with a great silver smooth body. The Samsung laser printer is also a dual printer that will copy your documents too and also will make sure you get your printing too. The Samsung laser printer gives you a memory of 64 MB which is double the standard memory of HP Laserjet printer that we just discussed. This laser printer is really great for copying documents the photocopying speed of this Samsung printer is 20 copies per minute. So you can photocopy all your documents in just seconds without wasting a lot of time. The input capacity of this printer is great too it gives you 150 sheet capacity. The duty cycle of the printer can be used up to 10,000 sheets per month. So this might be the next best printer you want to get in your office for best and smooth working atmosphere.

Canon MF3010 Digital Multifunction laser printer

This laser printer by Canon is also a great looking stylish printer in metal black color body and gives you a great use for office. The printer provides you with a great experience of printing and scanning your files as well as letting you photocopy them too. The printer works great for duplex printing experience means now print your paper form both sides without even worrying about using many papers for printing things. It will save your pocket by saving your paper, and the speed of your printing machine is super fast with the printing speed of 28 pages per minute it gives you fast working experience. The standard memory of this amazing printer is 512 MB that is 10 times more than previous printers we saw in this list. The printer will not get tired from working for you as the duty cycle of this printer is about 15000 pages per month. So this might be the best printer you will see and get for your office purpose.