Capture your moments during the holiday is the most fun thing that you should do, especially when going on vacation with your beloved family. Do not let the holidays become unpleasant moments just because it is too heavy carrying a set of high-spec cameras. Do not let your vacation only as a place to show off photos, while the value of togetherness is ignored.

Cheap high-specification cameras are not challenging to find in the Indian market. Even some of them come from big companies that are famous for producing fresh electronic goods. Pocket cameras can be a good alternative during the holidays, so you can stay calm on vacation without feeling objected to the documentation device. There are some of the best inexpensive digital cameras on the Indian market with prices under 5000 Rs.

Nikon Coolpix L23

The best camera the first recommendation we refer to the Nikon Coolpix L23 Point & Shoot style with a simple 10-megapixel resolution. They are reinforced with a 5x optical zoom and intelligent automatic mode. 5x optical zoom can produce a focus range of 28-140mm, this Nikon series also features an ED lens element to reduce chromatic aberration in high contrast scenes. The L series from Nikon compacts is perfect for you who like comfortable shooting.

On the back, there is a 2.7 inch LCD screen that dominates the camera design. The back buttons are convenient to be operated only with your thumb. This camera mode is very diverse. Users can set panoramas, smart portraits, videos, and normal portrait modes—this camera with a flash that allows objects to remain visible even in a dark room. If you want to do close up shots, press the down button that works to activate the macro mode. Unlike the case with macro DSLRs, the Nikon Coolpix L23 Point & Shoot camera can provide greater focus so that objects are visible.

If you enjoy close up shooting, press the down button to activate the macro mode. It is not true of macro in the same way that DSLRs use macro lenses, but it allows for a closer focus making the subject more significant. It will enable you to focus on 3cm rather than the usual 30cm. On the left is an excellent timer to get your picture. This panel also functions as a navigation panel when you access the menu system or scene selection mode.

While with attractive photo quality, the video mode is equipped with 640×480 pixels (VGA) that look clear when showing on a PC screen. It means that this camera is perfect for capturing still images, and for those of you who are a YouTuber not recommended to make video creations with this camera. Nikon Coolpix L23 Point & Shoot is equipped with a lithium-ion battery present in the Indian market with various color variants such as pink, red, blue, silver, and black.

Samsung PL20

The PL20 series pocket cameras are among the most affordable in the Samsung brand class. The PL20 is reinforced with 14-megapixel optics and a 24.5 mm lens with 5x zoom. The picture is stable with features like portrait and HD video recording of 720p. You can see the design of this camera looks very elegant with a choice of citizens of silver, black, tomato red and pink.

The effect options include fisheye, miniature, and sketch. Secara PL20 camera can automatically detect the faces of up to 10 people in one take and stabilize the image so that the pictures do not look blurry. The PL20 comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Samsung ST72

Samsung ST72 Digital Camera red is a point-and-shoot digital camera with a 16.2 megapixel 1 / 2.3 CCD image sensor. This camera is handy for providing high resolution still images and 720p HD video at 30fps.

Samsung’s built-in 5x optical zoom lens Samsung comes with 35mm from 25-125mm, equipped with a wide-angle to telephoto perspective so that the images look proportionate. Digital image stabilization also benefits the higher zoom function, exceptionally when compensating for the effects of camera shake to produce sharp and clear images.

The 3.0 “230k-dot LCD monitor is available to monitor live viewing, rotate images, and navigate menus to use full features and adjust the camera. The Samsung ST72 Point & Shoot also comes with various features such as Direct Panorama, Moving Photos. Also, the Automatic Smart mode is available for optimal lighting settings depending on the scene taken.

Panorama Mode Directly takes 180 ° panoramic photos automatically by simply holding down the shutter button and shifting the scene. Intelligent Auto Mode quickly analyzes the situation and lighting of the stage and automatically adjusts the brightness to create the best display with the best quality and loyalty.

The ST72 is equipped with a 16.2 megapixel 1 / 2.3 “CCD image sensor to produce high-resolution images and 720p HD video recording at 30 fps.

The 5x optical zoom lens is mounted on and provides a 35mm equivalent focal length of 25-125mm, which complements the wide-angle to telephoto perspective to suit shooting in various scenarios. Dim f / 2.5 zoom is perfect for working in low-light conditions, and digital image stabilization also helps fix camera shake when working with higher zoom magnification or in low light.

Built-in 3.0 230k-dot 3.0-LCD TFT-LCD monitor allows direct, clear image playback and bright and clear menu navigation to use full features and set the camera.

Nikon Coolpix L31

Nikon Coolpix L31 Digital Camera – 16.1MP is a digital camera from Nikon present to make your photography activities more fun and easy. Using a 5x optical zoom for various styles of taking photos, this camera also has a Digital Zoom feature up to 4x with excellent quality. Use this Nikon camera to make a variety of creative images and enhance images with special effects.

Add creativity to your photos with our special effects and the Quick Effect function. The Smart Portrait System and Skin Softening effect come with improved face detection technology and can improve the skin color exposure settings on the subjects you take so that photos will look brighter and more perfect. Be different from others with a variety of fun effects on this camera.

With the Easy Auto Mode feature, Nikon Coolpix L31 allows you to capture perfect picture results without worrying about various delicate settings. Motion detection automatically reduces blurred images when the camera is in motion, so you can still take sharp, quality pictures.

Nikon Coolpix L29

Nikon Coolpix L29 is an entry-level compact digital camera that offers high resolution at an affordable price. Although the amount provided is quite affordable, the ability of this camera cannot be underestimated. Some of Nikon’s high-tech has been pinned on these cheap cameras.

The excess use of this AA type battery is easy to obtain, and there is no need to panic when it runs out of battery. But the use of AA batteries makes the camera a little bigger and heavier. But overall, the dimensions of the Nikon Coolpix L29 are still quite comfortable when put in a pocket.

The performance of the Coolpix L29 camera made by Nikon is no doubt with the support of the EXPEED C2 image processor, which is supported by a sensor with high sensitivity CCD technology. This camera sensor measures 1 / 2.3 inches with a sufficient resolution of up to 16 megapixels.

This high resolution is enough to capture the moment quickly and with quality. The Nikorr Glass lens that it also offers ensures clear and sharp shots. Nikon provides this inexpensive camera with a 2.7-inch LCD screen with 230k dots resolution that functions as a viewfinder.