Sony MDR Headphones

Sony MDR headphones are a high-quality thin headphone from Sony. These headphones come with a 30mm dynamic driver, which can produce some extra bass music. The device also comes with a tangle-free cable, which is a flat style cable. The flat style cable is made from high-quality polycarbonate rubber and cannot be damaged easily. The device also comes with cable attaches, which makes it strong even if the line bends. This is one of the best headphone with mic.

The device has portable swing support, which means you can make the headphone into a compact size headphone and put it in your purse or bag. MDR comes with a matte finish on the panel and rubber finish on the top. It also comes with the right and left chipsets, which are decent and work fine with gaming.

MDR comes with a nano chipset installed in it, which makes it a high-quality device and can be used for studio purposes. The device comes high quality is high quality and can work with your ear quickly. It weighs around 190 grams, which is a lightweight design. It is available in various colors and can be used with smart keys as well.


AKG is a professional grade headphone from the brand AKG. The headphone comes with a minimum input power of 200 MW, which is significant enough if you are a professional music composer. It also comes with a minimum audio frequency of 18 Hz and can go up to 20,000 Hz.

The device has a fixed cable style and engineered in Vienna. The design follows the minimalistic approach towards this material palette and flexibility. The rubber panel on the top is detachable and can provide comfort to your head. The device has a matte finish to it with a glossy material on some edges. AKG is a professional grade headphone, so you will have no complaints regarding the drivers because they are high-quality drivers with three-unit power support. It also comes with a nanofibre technology when comparing the driver and a headphone jack.


Asus is a well-known brand products rock series devices. Asus ROG is a high-grade gaming headphone that comes with active noise cancellation. The device also comes with eight sound drivers, which gives you a professional-grade sound you’re using it in a studio or if you’re using it as a professional gamer.

They also come with a noise cancellation feature, which has a crystal clear in-game sound. The device comes with four drivers installed on its front panel and has two home theatre grade drivers. It is a well-built headphone that has high-quality materials, such as steel and polycarbonate Fiber.

The device has USB C connectivity and a headphone jack connectivity, which means you can use it on your iPhone without even purchasing any extra jack. It has a high-quality ear cushion that comes with fast cooling technology. The device also features a lightweight design, but it stands out if you’re talking about the material and design.