Best Headphones in India

Sony MDR Headphones

Sony MDR headphones are a high-quality thin headphone from Sony. These headphones come with a 30mm dynamic driver, which can produce some extra bass music. The device also comes with a tangle-free cable, which is a flat style cable. The flat style cable is made from high-quality polycarbonate rubber and cannot be damaged easily. The device also comes with cable attaches, which makes it strong even if the line bends. This is one of the best headphone with mic.

The device has portable swing support, which means you can make the headphone into a compact size headphone and put it in your purse or bag. MDR comes with a matte finish on the panel and rubber finish on the top. It also comes with the right and left chipsets, which are decent and work fine with gaming.

MDR comes with a nano chipset installed in it, which makes it a high-quality device and can be used for studio purposes. The device comes high quality is high quality and can work with your ear quickly. It weighs around 190 grams, which is a lightweight design. It is available in various colors and can be used with smart …

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Best Portable Air Conditioner

LG Portable Air Conditioner

This portable air conditioner comes with high-quality power and decent quality. It has a bodyweight of around 58.5 pounds. This is best ac under 15000.

The design is simple and comes in with an all-white design with a hint of shaded grey. It is a full-fledged device with various dialogues on the top end and comes with a small LED panel.

The design looks minimal, and it also has an oscillating air discharge mechanism, which is rare to get at this price.

It also comes with an exhaust button and has various window brackets that have parts to install it on a window or any opening. The device also has a separate accessory, which has wheels for transporting this. Overall it is a high-quality device that comes under a price tag of $500. The compression motor has a sealed cover on it, which makes it safer.

Lg portable air conditioner also comes with an auto evaporating system and can be connected with your mobile phone, which is one hell of a feature. Overall it is a decent purchase under a price tag of $500 because of its high-quality build and futuristic technology.

Whynter Portable Air

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5 Best Digital Cameras Cost Under 5,000 Rs. In India

Capture your moments during the holiday is the most fun thing that you should do, especially when going on vacation with your beloved family. Do not let the holidays become unpleasant moments just because it is too heavy carrying a set of high-spec cameras. Do not let your vacation only as a place to show off photos, while the value of togetherness is ignored.

Cheap high-specification cameras are not challenging to find in the Indian market. Even some of them come from big companies that are famous for producing fresh electronic goods. Pocket cameras can be a good alternative during the holidays, so you can stay calm on vacation without feeling objected to the documentation device. There are some of the best inexpensive digital cameras on the Indian market with prices under 5000 Rs.

Nikon Coolpix L23

The best camera the first recommendation we refer to the Nikon Coolpix L23 Point & Shoot style with a simple 10-megapixel resolution. They are reinforced with a 5x optical zoom and intelligent automatic mode. 5x optical zoom can produce a focus range of 28-140mm, this Nikon series also features an ED lens element to reduce chromatic aberration in high contrast scenes. The L …

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