These days, everyone has become easier and don’t have time for anything. No one wants to have the hassle and wants to work hard for a better future. The hassle-free attitude is reflected by choice of earphones. People prefer not to buy the wired earphones unless they are bundled with the smartphone package. With the surge of the trend of Bluetooth earphones, people prefer to have wireless hassle-free earphones.

Millions of people are preferring Bluetooth earphones, and you should get one. Even though there are some misconceptions, you should be a smart person and don’t fall for those hoaxes. Well, the wireless Bluetooth earphones have a lot of benefits, but there are some limitations too. We are being the impartial jury and will discuss the benefits and the limitations of the Bluetooth earphones. After checking out the benefits and the limitations of the same, you’ll be able to understand why they are better and what type of limitations you have to face. Also, you can easily decide if you want to buy the Bluetooth earphones or not.

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Benefits of Bluetooth Earphones

#1 – No Wires

The biggest benefit of having Bluetooth earphones is wireless use. There are not wired attached to the earphone, making it hassle-free to use. Not just that, there are no issues with the wires tangling randomly. You can carry them around your neck or the earbuds in your pocket without any issues or worries of tangling the cables. SO, you can easily wear the earphones and connect them with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you are ready to roll.

#2 – Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, most of the Bluetooth earphones work the best. As they are a bit expensive, the manufacturers won’t shy away from adding the quality components. You’ll mostly get the high-quality drivers that provide superior sound and also comes with the long-lasting speaker unit. Both of the components ensure superior sound quality. Also, if the earphones are equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, then you don’t have to worry about the frequent connection drops and sound quality degradation when the range is weak.

#3 – Excellent Battery Life

The battery life of the Bluetooth earphones is excellent. As Bluetooth technology is very power efficient, you don’t have to worry a bit about anything. Most of the Bluetooth earphones do come with special Lithium-ion batteries, which work perfectly fine holding the charge and providing the power to the Bluetooth earphones. If you want to have the best battery backup, then choosing the Neckband design earphones are the best, as they have a bigger battery to hold the charge.

#4 – Compact

The compact design is one of the plus points that make the Bluetooth earphones stand out from the bulky headphones and the wired earphones. You can bundle up the wireless Bluetooth earphones and keep them in your pocket or keep it on your neck. You don’t have to worry about the cables tangling or having issues carrying the bulky headphone. With the compact and sleek design, you can carry it without any hassle. If you own an Earbud style earphone, then there is nothing to worry about in the storage.

Limitation of Bluetooth Earphones

#1 – Pricing

The pricing of the Bluetooth earphones is the only thing that is preventing people from buying them. The Bluetooth earphones are a delicate device, and that’s why they are expensive. There is no compromise regarding the quality of the earphones, but the pricing ruins the game. They are a bit expensive, and that’s why preventing people from getting a stylish Bluetooth earphone. So if you don’t have the budget, then you may not be able to get the best Bluetooth earphone that suits your needs. Though, these days companies are trying to launch bluetooth earphones at competitive pricing. In India, you can get a pair of good quality earphones for as low as 1500 INR.

#2 – Range

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication channel. As it’s a short-range channel, you’ll be limited with the range. So, if you go out of the range of your Bluetooth device, then you may have to pair the earphone again. Once out of the range, you’ll not be able to receive and answer calls, listen to the music or the podcasts. Even though the Bluetooth 5.0 technology assures superior connection quality and range, it’s still limited to a few feet and nothing else. In short, it’s the barrier that will make you feel annoyed if you mistakenly go out of the range of the smartphone or the laptop to which your earphone is connected.

Final Words

Just like every gadget, Bluetooth earphones have their limitations. With the powerful battery, sound quality, and hassle-free usage, it becomes the superior option to choose for hands-free usage. But the limitations of pricing and the range makes people rethink their decision of getting the best Bluetooth earphones. After learning about these benefits and the limitations of the Bluetooth earphones, it’s the choice of the customer to get the wired one or the wireless one.