LG Portable Air Conditioner

This portable air conditioner comes with high-quality power and decent quality. It has a bodyweight of around 58.5 pounds. This is best ac under 15000.

The design is simple and comes in with an all-white design with a hint of shaded grey. It is a full-fledged device with various dialogues on the top end and comes with a small LED panel.

The design looks minimal, and it also has an oscillating air discharge mechanism, which is rare to get at this price.

It also comes with an exhaust button and has various window brackets that have parts to install it on a window or any opening. The device also has a separate accessory, which has wheels for transporting this. Overall it is a high-quality device that comes under a price tag of $500. The compression motor has a sealed cover on it, which makes it safer.

Lg portable air conditioner also comes with an auto evaporating system and can be connected with your mobile phone, which is one hell of a feature. Overall it is a decent purchase under a price tag of $500 because of its high-quality build and futuristic technology.

Whynter Portable Air Conditioner

This device uses a high-quality, award-winning technology, making it a winner of 2020 best overall feature. The device also has fast input technology and comes with a small built mechanism. Overall the prices are less than others on this list because it costs you around $600. The brand is not that famous, but the ratings are good, and they also come with a platinum shade output.

They also come with various dialogues on the front panel and has a small LED display. The device also comes with an activated carbon filter, which is a plus point for a portable air conditioner.

It also features a dehumidifier and a storage bag for small items. It also comes with dual hose operation, which makes it a fast air conditioner. The device comes with a cooling capacity of 14000 BTU, which is a large capacity, and it also uses a power output of 1300 watts.

You can get this device on a running serial at a lower price.


Rollibot ROLLICOOL is a hi-tech air conditioner with full-fledged support of Amazon Alexa and Google home assistant. The device uses an efficient cooling technology and comes with a low sound noise feature.

It also features a humidifier and air purification technology inside it, making it a full-fledged device with various other features, which are not present on others in this list. It also uses refrigeration technology and has a portable cooler design, easy to lift due to its handlebar over its top surface.

It comes with an easy-to-use feature and has a water plug inside it, making it easier to fill it with water and various other things. It has a high-quality design and has a premium finish that follows minimalism over its surface and has a black and white shade. The design study has a small portable design, which can be used for various other features. You can also use it with its application.