Bica Studios – how a start-up is focusing on Augmented Reality Entertainment


Bica Studios, a start-up headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, is the Augmented Reality Entertainment focused studios creating content for tech companies as Google, Microsoft or Apple.


Augmented Reality devices that allow everyone to view and digitally interact through with the real world have arrived. Till now we only have seen funny muzzles filters and ears on Instagram or Snapchat, however, the need for great content that this technology is capable of has emerged.


The Augmented Reality sector is expected to hit revenues of $60 billion and reach more than 1 billion users till 2021, and it is the new focus of big tech as AppleFacebookSnap, EpsonMicrosoft or Google. With the new iOS prepared for this augmented reality world and companies as Lenovo or Asus, among others, having new smartphones with Google Tango technology hitting the market, augmented reality is already reaching millions of users.


Bica Studios, a result driven start-up, is ready for this market, delivering great content that holds its vision up high: to educate, engage and fully entertain everyone to this new medium. From smartphone cameras, through glasses, reaching contact lenses, Bica Studios is not only keeping track with the progression of this disruptive technology, but also innovating in it.


Entertainment applications as PuzzlAR: World Tour*, an innovative puzzle game where the player can build, anywhere, from an office desk to a living room, famous world monuments, as the Statue of Liberty or Taj Mahal, piece by piece, or CaravelAR, a Caravel spawner that lets anyone to learn various facts around this historic vessels are just the start of Bica Studios available content.  Developing at same time AR software for companies as Asus or Johnson & Johnson, Bica Studios is putting itself as the reference for companies that do not want to lose a seat on the Augmented Reality market.


   And more is to come. Bica Studios has a production plan of more than one dozen projects for Augmented Reality. Nuno Folhadela, Bica Studios CEO, states: “Through our roadmap of games, that puts us on the front wheel of this market, we are prepared to be the leading studio of the next generation of Augmented Reality Entertainment.”


Working with all the key manufactures of Augmented Reality devices and getting ready to raise a new round of investment, Bica Studios aims to have, in the next 2 years, 14 games in the market and become the leading reference of Augmented Reality Entertainment. Bica Studios is already the name to have in mind when thinking about Augmented Reality entertainment.


*Available for Hololens and Google Tango


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